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Rugby Football Hits & Misses in 2017

At GymPress, we offer safe and effective training methods for everyone to avoid injuries. We understand that everybody is different and this is why we help pick the right equipment and exercise routine to build true strength and shed that unwanted weight from the body. To know more about our weight training classes, you can contact us on our number.

One of the biggest trends in the fitness industry today is the Weight Training, and it is rightly so. Our trainers at GymPress offers weight training classes to our members. It helps our members build lean muscle and strength. Members can choose from group classes or personal classes depending on their needs. All the classes last for about 45 to 50 minutes and target different muscle groups through multiple sets using the medium to heavy weights.
The gym has the latest and the best weight training equipment along with full staff personal trainers. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athletes, our trainers can assist you in effectively reaching your goals. They offer friendly and personal attention to our members to ensure that they are fit, healthy and active. The trainers will assess your needs and develop a personalized workout routine for the best results.

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