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No Body Part Left Behind

All of us have heard that breakfast should not be skipped since it is not good for health, but it becomes very confusing to decide what to have for breakfast and what should be avoided. First and foremost, cereals with no or low fiber content should be avoided for breakfast because of high sugar content which will spike the blood sugar level and drop quickly resulting in moodiness & mid-morning cravings.

Similarly, a cup of non-fat flavored yogurt, doughnuts, muffins, bagels with cream cheese or butter, bacon, sausage or any other processed meat should be avoided for breakfast.
Eggs are considered to be the best for breakfast due to its high protein content which is extremely good for the body in the morning since the protein store of the body gets exhausted after the last meal at night. Fatty fish, avocado, creamy porridge, nuts or nut butter is the best foods to be eaten at breakfast. Any kind of food that is rich in fibre content is equally good for breakfast. Thus, to get the most out breakfast one should go for the most suitable foods and avoid the ones which are not appropriate.

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